Learn with Our Workshops

Introduction to Biogas

Audience: School and Community Groups
Group size: 10-25 people
Duration: 2-3 hours
Langauges: English a/o Spanish
Cost: $250-400
Cost per 55-gal digester: $200


how a biodigester works,

what a biodigester eats... and how much per day,

how to prepare your site and choose a good location,

basic biogas safety and troubleshooting,

differences between DIY and prefab digesters


build up to 3 DIY 55-gal drum digesters

enjoy a biogas cooking demo

install a DID 55-gal drum digester at your site
(site preparation required)

Cooking Demo

Local fuel is the next step in a full circle food system. You will learn the basics of how biogas works, what to feed your system, and how to cook with the fuel… all while enjoying a meal made from fresh, local ingredients. (1-3 hrs)

Join Community Biogas

We are piloting Community Biogas in Western Mass for 2023-2024. Initial invitations are going out in August. If your community group would like to be considered, please send us an email at northeastbiogasinitiative@gmail.com.