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Small- and Medium-Scale Biogas Systems are fun, inexpensive and easy to use. Like any part of your home, business or garden, you will customize your system to meet your lifestyle and needs. While there is information on the internet about biogas, we highly recommend our course offerings and consultations, as you will benefit from our decades of experience in the field, as well as access to centralized information and resources. We love what we do, and we're happy to help you!

What biogas system is right for me? Where should I put it? What kind of site preparation is necessary? What can I feed it? How much gas does it make? How can I use the liquid fertilizer?

In our Site Consultation, we’ll walk with you to answer all these questions for yourself. (2-3 week process)


  1. Exploratory Conversation over phone or video. (30min)

  2. Our "Site Assessment Form" will help you assess the specifics of your site. (homework for you)

  3. We'll join you for a site walk, and answer questions that emerge. (2 hours)

  4. We'll recommend next steps for you to succeed with biogas! (1 hour follow up)

Interested in talking? Fill our our Biogas Interest Survey here.

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