UMass Research

group of umass interns in greenhouse

Northeast Biogas Initiative supports UMass students by:

  • Bridging connections with local farms, homes and businesses,

  • Giving feedback on the design of student research design, from our 17+ years of experience with small-scale biogas,

  • Supporting student grant prospecting and applications, and

  • Helping students make connections with biogas businesses and developers from around the world.

To see a list of current and past UMass student research in biogas, visit the URAAD (Undergraduates Raising Awareness for Anaerobic Digestion) website. If you are a UMass student and would like to have your research featured on the URAAD page, use this form to submit a project. Big Thanks to Flo Sabatini (UMass ChemEng) and his team for creating a page to showcase the work of all UMass students doing Biogas research.